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because we get to have it all!

where business & financial growth meets Spiritual & Personal growth


it's no longer enough to focus solely on building your business, or to build your business without awareness or connection.

This is where we get to tap in, turn up, and transform.

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Are you an entrepreneurial woman who desires a business & lifestyle that is in alignment with your purpose, inspiration, and happiness?

Are you a natural leader who is eager to experience the ease and grace of feminine leadership?

Are you a woman who has begun the journey of personal development and is seeking a sacred space to continue to learn more about yourself?

Do you yearn for a sisterhood and community of like-minded intuitive, determined, enterprising, awakening, leading women to build, connect, heal and grow with?

Have you been feeling dissatisfied, disconnected, and distracted with your current status quo?

Have you been feeling stuck and uninspired in your business, and seeking that thing that will excite you AND increase sales?

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The Sisterhood of Abundance is the space where we get to be super focused boss babes, spiritual & flowy goddesses, sensual and fun lovers, sophisticated and fearless leaders, and everything else in between. Why? Because we CAN and because we CHOOSE to and because we GET to do it together.

Abundance is a state of MORE than enough, having it all, overflow and bliss. This isn't just limited to our finances or our businesses, but instead gets to be a consistent way of being way of living, and way of loving.

Are you in?


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The details

The Sisterhood of Abundance is an intuited abundant membership experience for goal driven, purpose focused entrepreneurial women to expand their life & their business through expanding their hearts.

This is a hybrid personal enrichment & business development program for women business owners that is a space for us to explore and understand ourselves, our choices, and our behaviors. We will get to discover how our mindset impacts our lives AND our businesses. We will be held accountable for our growth as women, as leaders, and as entrepreneurs as we transform our lives as well as our businesses.

During your time in the Sisterhood you will gain...

  • a deeper and clearer understanding of WHO YOU ARE

  • an overflow of self-LOVE

  • learned to TRUST yourself with an unshakeable faith

  • more intimate, vulnerable, and HEALTHY RELATIONSHIPS with the people around you

  • the tools to be a solid & secure feminine LEADER in a masculine space

  • increased your business' PROFITS through more visibility, systems, and connection with your customer base

  • a greater sense of peace, contentment, and consistent JOY in your life

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the flow

Each experience module will include...

  • Bi-weekly group calls/mini-workshops (via Zoom)

  • Monthly integration & application exercises

  • Monthly Private Oracle Reading & Coaching Session

  • Private virtual community space for daily communication

  • Accountability Partnerships

  • Monthly Business Growth Trainings & Challenges

  • Access to Business Classes & Resources

  • Discounted VIP-Day & Coaching rates

  • Abundant Experience Kit (gifts vary each module)
  • Access to Recorded Meditations & other Spirit resources

  • and more...

what would your life & your business look like if you were showing up as the confident, secure, abundant, and joyfully divine woman that you REALLY are?

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Upcoming Module Themes:

July - August

KNOW yourself - KNOW your business

[Human Design strategy, Business Overview & Process Flow]

September - november

LOVE is the Key [an exploration of how increasing your self-love shifts your life, your relationships, and your business.

november - december

TRUST yourself - building a business people TRUST

january - february

improving RELATIONSHIPS - creating CONNECTIONS with your audience

march - april

intentional feminine LEADERSHIP, in life & business

april - may

integrating JOY into your life

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ready to say yes to your new abundant life?

 Your Investment 


special introductory pricing

(reg. price is $179/mo)


Membership includes:

  • abundant experience kit for the month ($60+ value)

  • monthly 45min oracle reading ($45 value)

  • business coaching strategy session ($300+ value)

  • access to business resources & trainings ($300 value)

  • access to M3 Reset Experience ($21 value)


September - November Module

Starts on 9/28 - Ends 11/7

FOCUS: Love is the Key

Curriculum: Self-love, Interpersonal Love, Client & Business Love

Book of the Mod: Return to Love by Marianne Williamson (included with enrollment)

Join the Sisterhood!

choose the self - investment plan that's best for you...

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see you inside the sisterhood!