Goddess Coaching


You're here because you're ready, so let's get to work.

Let's get one thing cleared up right away,  this isn't therapy,  this is healing. 

I used to do professional counseling in a former life (LOL) and I knew that if I ever decided to work with people in that capacity again, I had to be able to do it differently.  I had to be able to get deeper and more connected.  I didn't want to offer treatment, I wanted to help people find the strength to treat themselves. That  is what this is.

the healing process looks different for everyone, but the results are the same. Love.

In coaching, we will work together towards your healing and growth. Some days that may look like talking about your childhood and digging into the pathologies developed in your youth. Other days, it may look more like breaking down every piece of that conversation with your boss (partner,  friend, sister) from last week so that you can understand why you made certain choices, and what lessons were available to be learned. The fact is, there are lessons to be learned and healing to be done in all areas of your life. You are a multifaceted goddess with layers to your life and to your work.  My intention is to be the mirror that allows you to reflect on it all, so that you can see your truth. My coach has done,  and still does this for me, and now I get to pay it forward and do it for you. That is how this healing thing works!

Ready to get started?

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Who is this for?

Women of any age who are ready to take their healing into their own hands and do the work.

Where does coaching take place?


When does coaching begin?

The moment you say yes to yourself  and your healing.

How long does coaching last?

Coaching is done in 90 day segments, with weekly sessions, lasting around 60 minutes.