Episode #3 - Accountability.. Accountability... Accountability!

Updated: Aug 1, 2020

Welcome back to the #iGoddessTings Podcast! This week we are talking all about accountability, and I am joined by my very first guest, Business Empowerment Coach, Kimberley Wiggins. We are discussing accountability from a personal perspective all the way to a global perspective. It's a great conversation, that fair warning, goes a bit political as we discuss the contrasts of those willing and unwilling to be held accountable.

Here's a little more info about Kim: A former Corporate Manager and the ultimate “Purpose Passionista”, Kimberley Wiggins is a champion for working women who want to live their best, most important life as defined by them by helping them shift from employee to entrepreneur.  She helps her clients to take the “Leap to Freedom”.  Kimberley is an empowerment business coach whose greatest passion is helping women to uncover their purpose, embrace their passions and create strategic opportunities for their lives so that they can spend more time with their families.  She is the owner of Inspired Women Amazing Lives and is living in Mableton, GA where she is a Mother, Grandmother, and Fitness & Self-Love Advocate.  She hosts the Inspired Women Amazing Lives podcast where she interviews inspiring women who are living amazing lives.

You can find her at and on Facebook at

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