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build, grow, & Love your business...

it's time to do entrepreneurship your way.

I'd like to share something with you...

  • It's time for you to stop building version #1,259 of [insert Guru or Expert's name here]'s business, and instead, create version 1 of YOURS! 

  • You get to have a consistent flow of clients every month, that you attract easily and authentically.

  • It's time for you to give yourself...

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I see you & I hear you...

You know that there is more to this entrepreneurial thing besides constant frustration and burnout...

and you are absolutely right. There is SO much more! I know that right now you're feeling frustrated AS HELL because you've been trying to make yourself fit into a mold that you DEFINTELY are NOT meant to! You are ONE OF A KIND, and your business 1000% gets to reflect that as well. 

I don't just mean through your offerings, but also in how you DO your business. How you market yourself. How you spend your time. How you speak to your audience and clients. How you FEEL about your business. 

You don't have to continue to feel overwhelmed by all of the "standard practices" of your industry because every time you try to implement them, they just don't FIT for you! You get to start hitting and exceeding your monthly goals, consistently, YOUR WAY!

Most importantly, you get to LOVE your business! You get to FLOW in your business. And you get to EXPAND what is possible for your life and your business... with me inside of Permission to Expand.

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permission to expand!

for entrepreneurial leaders who are ready to say "YES" to leading and serving your people, your way.

Permission to Expand is an 8-week program that helps you discover your Unique Success Formula that allows you to have a business that not only makes you money, but also makes you happy and fulfilled.





know and understand yourself deeper through the lens of Human Design and can confidently ask for what you want and need without hesitation or second thought


you have allowed yourself to restructure your business so that it is tailor-made to YOU, your lifestyle, your strengths, your quirks, and your goals. 


you are more decisive and only say yes when it's a HELL Yes for YOU.

here's what we are covering...

program breakdown

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dive into your human design bodygraph to understand how your type, profile, strategy, & authority show you what languaging, systems, working style, and more, are best suited for you


review and analyze what you've been doing in order to integrate and create a clear picture of what you want to be (and will be) doing moving forward.


decide what leadership and entrepreneurial principles align with your values and will put you in a position to show up as your most powerful self, and create the life you desire.

program structure

Live Weekly Workshops
Workshops will be done LIVE in Zoom every Thursday at 8pm EDT and recorded. You will have access to the recordings after each class.

Direct Voxer Access
For the duration of the program, you will have the option to connect with me directly via Voxer (walkie-talkie app) to ask questions and receive brief support in a private manner. 

Private Telegram group for Support & Community through the week
As you do your work throughout the week, this is our space for you to ask any questions or receive feedback immediately.

Enjoying the Pool get to have more

Cycle 2 starts on August 5th. 15 seats available. 

Doors close on August 1st at 5pm

Camille helped me more deeply understand aspects of my personality that I long thought of as "quirks," and how I can best work with them to live my fullest, boldest life. Two words: clarity and affirmation.

- Renee C.

who this is for...

Entrepreneurs who:

-are running a
service-based business that has been operating for at least 6 months.

-understand that entrepreneurship is about more than just making money, and want to feel great about every single dollar they earn.

-have previously worked with a coach or taken a course (or 3) that didn't quite fit or solve their strategy dilemma

"Camille helped me to organize my business and set realistic goals to grow the company. With her trusted advice, I was able to move past my fears of failure.

- Dee G

what's possible for you after the program???

After 1 month of working together, my client doubled the number of clients she served in her business and was able to afford to hire additional support.

After her first coaching session, my client raised her prices by 50% and signed 2 new clients at the new rate (the same week) with ease.

After deepening her understanding of her Human Design type, my client completely changed her client attraction strategy, and filled her next program launch without extra stress and had fun doing it!

so, here's what's included in your enrollment...

  • 8 LIVE weekly workshops - ~90 minutes

  • Weekly integration exercises/assignments

  • Private Virtual Community

  • Private Access to Me for Personalized Coaching

  • additional access to recordings & curriculum after the program*

and here's your enrollment investment....