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The 21-day M3 Reset

Meditation - Manifestation - Mindfulness

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The M3 Reset  is a 21-day experience created to help you reset your mindset, rejuvenate your spirit, and reinvigorate your goals & manifestations! Let's face it, every now and then we can get to a point where things feel a little off, and we just need a re-set... and here it is.

In the M3 Reset, you will focus on 3 specific areas, on a daily basis, for 21 days: Meditation, Manifestation, & Mindfulness. This gives you an opportunity to reset and elevate in a balanced way, honoring your spirit, your body, & your emotions. The flow will be simple, the consistency will create the stretch.

Every day you will...

  •  Do a 10 - 15 minute guided meditation

  •  Hold space  and give energy to your manifestation goals

  •  Practice being mindful of your physical & mental experiences

  • Express & experience the state of gratitude for the big & small things

  • ...and connect with other women, OF COURSE!

NOTE: This is a self-guided experience, but we have an online community on Facebook AND on our very own APP!

the details...

Who is this for?

Women who are in need of a Mind-Body-Spirit reset! Women who are willing to dedicate 21 days to make time for  themselves, every day. Women who are excited to connect with other women as they grow & expand mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.


Where does the reset take place?

Virtually. We have our private FB group for videos, shares, downloads, etc. and our own mobile app with all of the meditations.


When does the workshop begin?

Whenever you want. This is a self-guided experience, that you can do once in your lifetime, once a year, or even once a month.

What is my time commitment?

This is a 21-day experience. Your daily time commitment ranges from 20 minutes - 45 minutes, based on your personal practice & preference.

How long do I have access?

You have lifetime access to the reset materials.

the flow...


Week 1 :  Preparing & Reconnecting with Spirit

Week 2: Activating & Balancing your Chakras

Week 3: Breathe to Heal


Days 1 - 11 : Short Term Goal (21 day)

Days 12 - 21 : Long Term Goal (3-6 months)


Week 1 : Love

Week 2 : Joy

Week 3 : Abundance


Tracking, Accountability, & Resources

You will receive a downloadable guidebook that is highly suggested for you to print out. It includes a log for you to track your experience, prompts for your manifestation and mindfulness exercises, as well as a place to note your meditation reflections. In addition to the guidebook, you will also receive access to our private mobile app, which houses all of our meditation recordings.