Goddess Coaching


Group medicine. Group medicine. Group medicine.

I had to say it 3 times for the people in the back. (LOL)  Group medicine is powerful, and is the best when it comes to doing your work.  The concept of group medicine is that when multiple people (in our case women) come together with the intetnion to heal themselves, the overall energy of healing is magnified and multiplied. This allows for greater awareness, faster breakthrough, and stronger impact of the healing experience.

As I heal myself, I also help my sister heal.

In the i-Goddess Community, we will tap into the power of group medicine to not only heal ourselves, but to also heal our relationships with other women. Its time for us to join together as goddesses and save our own lives. It's time for us to realize that we don't have to do this work alone. We all share common wounds and common experiences as women, and because of this, we can and get to bear witness to our sisters' healing.

we get to have a safe & sacred space to do our work.

The best part about the Community is that we get to create a space were women can be themselves, together.  No competition, no judgment. No filters needed, no sexy poses in staged surroundings. No makeup or weave required, but certainly welcome, and never judged. Cute dress, or comfy sweatsuit.  Jeans & a t-shirt, or a bomb-ass jumpsuit. All Are. Welcome. Authenticity is the only requirement. The collective is a safe and sacred space for healing and requires only your truth, your transparency, and your vulnerability.



start where you are... you have options

The first step to taking part in group medicine is to actually join a group, or in this case, a community.  Here we call it the iGoddess Community.  


Joining the iGoddess Community is FREE.  Why should there be a fee just to be in connection with other women? Being a part of the Community gives you:

  • access to our private Facebook group

  • a new meditation track emailed to you each month

  • a new affirmation track emailed to you each month

  • 10% discount off of all Intentional Goddess products & workshops. 



in the Collective, we start the work work...

When you are ready to take your work up a notch, you can upgrade to the  iGoddess Collective.  This is our monthly membership community in which we start to dig a little deeper into our healing work.  Membership is $20/month.


Members of the iGoddess Collective receive greater access to our resources in order to support them in their work.. Being a part of the Collective gives you:


  • access to our library of meditation tracks

  • access to our library of affirmation tracks

  • access to recordings of previous classes and group gatherings

  • Monthly Collective (virtual) gatherings for coaching & guidance

  • access to our private virtual gathering space (not FB)

  • weekly healing topics & sacred space to discuss

  • 25% discount off of all Intentional Goddess products & workshops. 

  • first dibs on all Intentional Goddess classes, products, and programs



transform your life... with Intention

iGoddess Metamorphosis is the first group coaching program from the Intentional Goddess.  This is a 6-month group program, designed with the intention of working together as a community to heal ourselves and change our lives. 


Metamorphosis is defined a the process of transformation from an immature form to an adult form in 2 or more distinct stages.  


The iGoddess Metamorphosis takes place in 6 stages, and at each stage, we work to increase our self-awareness, identify our patterns and triggers, and heal our open wounds, together.  We get present to our beliefs and behaviors and what we have created in our lives as a result. We will find the lessons inside of our experiences, and support each other as we apply and integrate them into our lives. 


We will heal our relationships with each other by identifying our patterns and beliefs about ourselves and one another.  On the other side of the program is a greater sense of self-love, self-worth, and self-expression.  On the other side of the program is a totally different life, mindset, and belief set all created by YOU. Most importantly, there is healing and metamorphosis. 


The curriculum:

Each month you will be focused on a specific area of your life. We will look at how you show up, your open wounds and pain points, what you are creating, and what you want to create. In doing this work together, you will get to do the work by looking in the mirror at yourself, and also in the mirror of your fellow goddesses.



Month 1: 

Who Am I


Month 2: 

Who Am I with other women


Month 3: 

Who Am I with men


Month 4: 

Who Am I with my family


Month 5: 

Who Am I in my romantic relationships


Month 6: 

Who Am I in my business/career

the details...

Who is this for?

Women, 21+, who are ready and willing to do their healing work. Women who are willing to make a commitment to themselves and to the collective for at least 6 months.

Where does coaching take place?


When does coaching begin?

The i-Goddess Metamorphosis begins in March 2019

How long does coaching last?

Coaching is done in 90 day segments, with bi-weekly sessions, lasting around 90 minutes. The program itself lasts for a total of 180 days or 6 month.