Goddess Boxes

Maximize your goddess self-care with any one of our specially curated Goddess Boxes.

- clear your mind box -


Take a moment (or 2, or 3) to clear and restore your mind with this goddess box. Includes a goddess journal, 2 candles, a bundle of incense, and goddess bracelet.

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- heal your body box -

This box is designed to support you in caring for your goddess temple aka your body.  It includes  1 jar of body butter,  1 jar or body scrub, 1 fragrance oil roll-on, and 1 strand of waistbeads.


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- strengthen your spirit box -

This goddess box is designed to support you in strengthening your spirit and your connection to your higher self. It includes a bottle of crown chakra spray, 1 sage smudge stick, 1 bundle of incense, 1 strand of waist beads, 2 crystals, and a meditation playlist.


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- "333" goddess box -


The Ultimate Goddess self-care box incorporates elements from each of the goddess boxes to support your total healing; mind, body, & spirit. Box includes:  1 fragrance roll on, 1 bracelet, 1 strand of waistbeads, 1 journal, 1 body butter,  1 body scrub, 1 sage smudge stick, 1 bundle of incense, 1  candle, 1 crown chakra spray, 2 crystals.

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