Goddess Gift Certificates

Digital & Physical gift certificates available and can be applied to any product or service offered by The Intentional Goddess. This includes waistbeads, adornments, readings, and coaching.


1. Complete form below, and double check for accuracy. (Especially your email address)

2. Select the amount of your gift card/gift certificate. (ANY AMOUNT up to $500)

3. Complete Payment via PayPal

4. Check your email for confirmation



-Please allow up to 12 hours for your certificate code to be live on the website.


-You will automatically receive a simple gift certificate via email right after your purchase. This is a part of the automated process. The nicer one, created by me, will be emailed to you as a PDF file that you can email to your recipient. (see example below) Once you have receive that, your certificate is live and ready to be used right away to shop on this site.

-Gift certificates do not expire, and cannot be redeemed for cash.

Sample Gift Certificates

digital gift certificate.png

You will receive both of these on the pdf completed with your order information.