Goddess Coaching


Every relationship that we choose to be a part of is an opportunity for growth and healing for all parties involved. This applies to all relationships (friendships, family, co-workers, etc.), but is especially the case in romantic relationships. The intimate nature of romantic partnerships creates so many beautiful scenarios for us to explore ourselves. We get to understand our triggers, our emotional wounds, our areas of resistance, and our limiting self-beliefs. Oftentimes though, these  opportunities get overlooked because we choose to sit inside of our pain, or we double-down on our belies that really no longer serve us.

We miss our healing because we miss our lessons.

My intention is to support couples in full advantage of the healing, the learning, and growing that can come from your relationships. I want to create a space where it is safe to explore your lessons with each other and also expand your love for each other.  Together, we will process your experiences, your communications, your patterns,  your values, your beliefs, and your goals. We will do this for each person individually, and also collectively as a unit, with the intention of creating a relationship that is fit for a goddess. One in which conflicts are handled with love, communication happens with care, decisions are made with consideration, and respect is given with mutual adoration.

Ready to get started?

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Who is this for?

All couples; dating, engaged, or married. It doesn't matter what stage your relationship is in, as all relationships serve a purpose in our lives, and thus deserve to be cultivated and supported.

Where does coaching take place?

In person or Virtually

When does coaching begin?

The moment you say yes to yourself and your relationship.

How long does coaching last?

Coaching is done in 90 day segments, with bi-weekly sessions, lasting around 90 minutes.