Goddess Coaching


hey goddess, does this sound like you?

As a budding intentional goddess, you're an entrepreneur who may have just pulled the trigger on starting your business or are a couple of years in and are ready to fully commit to building and growing a business that is both thriving and fulfilling. You're driven and ambitious and truly desire making an impact through the services you offer. You have a wealth of knowledge and experience that you're excited and sometimes intuitively compelled to share with your clients and audience. You are motivated by a force greater than just money, and will sometimes turn to your higher power for guidance, a push, or even comfort. In order to reach your business goals, you need to increase your impact through more consistent clients, with a clear strategy for growth that feels good to you and aligns with your lifestyle, strengths, personality, and beliefs.

It's time for women to do business differently. It's necessary for us to embrace the beauty and strength of amplifying the divine feminine.

Because you are smart and driven and committed to growing your business, you have invested in a number of courses, and ebooks, and masterclasses, and coaches, but haven't yet seen a real return on your investment. You understand the lessons as they are taught, but the method of application and integration into your own business just isn't clicking for you. Your frustration is growing because you're feeling stuck, stalled, and stagnant during a time when you really want to be making "boss moves." You know that growth requires you to get uncomfortable and think outside of the box, but your "brain" keeps telling you that your ideas aren't god enough or that trying it differently is too "risky." Even though you know these thoughts aren't serving you nor your goals, you can't seem to shake them on your own. You're beginning to doubt yourself even more, and are feeling unfulfilled because you are not working or serving to your highest capacity.

You've already got the tools, let's figure out the best way for YOU to use them!

Your primary focus needs to b on creating a growth strategy for yourself and your business that is actionable and simple to implement. It's all about identifying the things that work for you as a woman and a person first, that will also work for your goals of increasing your impact through increasing your clients. It's going to be important for you to look at your business as an extension of you, meaning that your growth will create its growth, your personal clarity will increase the clarity you have to implement strategy, the better you know yourself, the better you know how to serve your clients, and so on. By identifying and releasing your mental blocks and limiting beliefs, you will free yourself up to take those leaps, get out of your box, and do the things that will get you unstuck, moving forward, attracting more clients, serving more people, and running a thriving business.

Ready to get started?