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iGoddess iNcubator

cultivating wealth, growth, & ideas in sacred space

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The iGoddess iNcubator  is a monthly virtual group experience specifically inspired to create a safe & sacred space for entrepreneurial women to build and develop their financial legacy through their businesses and/or careers. Collectively, we find the balance between spirit, business, and personal growth.

Together we will...

  •  Set powerful monthly goals

  •  Create weekly goals, and daily tasks & intentions

  •  Build connections and relationships with each other

  •  Learn more about ourselves while  building our businesses

  • Initiate powerful shifts & changes in our businesses

  • ...and much more

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 $35 - One Month


"This was yet another amazing cycle and experience! The consideration and level of support and prompts provided, allowed me to dig in and begin to look deeper to uncover what I truly desired for myself. I am grateful for the amazing work and expertise of The Intentional Goddess! Thank you, thank you, thank you, for your obedience to Spirit, for following your desire and leaning into you bliss in the creation of a beautiful space such as this!"


the details...


The daily format of the incubator creates an opportunity for you to check - in every day, to affirm yourself, be held accountable, celebrate yourself, offer support and more, and do it consistently.  Oftentimes, just knowing that there is someone waiting to hear from you, or holding space for you, helps you find that push to show up for yourself, especially on the days when you really don't want to.


As a member of the iNcubator,  you have access to all of my pre-recorded business courses, workshops, and classes via the member portal. Topics covered include Product Creation, Branding, Marketing, Sales Funnels,, Processes, Client Experiences,  & Mindset.



In addition to our virtual group chat space, which we communicate inside of daily, we also have bi-weekly mastermind calls. With these 2 features of the incubator, we create opportunities for women to connect, share, support, and encourage each other as a community.


All iNcubator memberships include 2 private 30-minute strategy coaching sessions with me. This is where you have an opportunity to receive in-depth and specific guidance and coaching to help you tackle your goals head-on.

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 $35 - One Month

frequently asked questions...

Who is this for?

Women, 21+, who are excited to build their businesses and support other women doing the same. Women who have goals that they are motivated to accomplish, and seeking like-minded women to grow and connect with. Women who are committed to showing up for their goals, are coachable, and ready to do the work!


Where does the group work take place?

Virtually inside of the Telegram App and Zoom Meetings.


What is the time commitment to be involved?

On average, your daily group participation will range from 15 - 30 minutes, depending on how engaged in the conversation you choose to be. We have weekly group mastermind/coaching calls that last about 45 mintues. They are mandatory. You also receive 1  private coaching session that is approximately 30 minutes long.

When does the group begin?

The new format for the iGoddess iNcubator is a monthly membership. Enrollment for the following month opens 2 weeks before the 1st of the month, and stays open through the first week of the month.


What is my investment?

The introductory ( 1st time being open to the public) price for the iNcubator is $80/month or 2 payments of $40.

Enroll now


 $35 - One Month