Who says you can only give other people love on Valentine's Day??

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Be Your Own Valentine!

This year, whether you're single or happily committed, you are invited to Be Your Own Valentine! 

Inside this FREE 7-day challenge, we are going to practice increasing our self-love, our self-esteem, and our self-awareness.

I promise it will be fun and simple!

Are you in?

Ready to B.Y.O.V.?

Here's how this will work...

  • it's SHORT - this is a 7 day challenge that starts on Sunday 2/9/20

  • it's VIRTUAL - we'll be meeting in a private  group chat (via Telegram App)

  • it's DAILY - everyday you will receive a self-love activity prompt in your email and the chat

  • it's SIMPLE - no need to overthink this, just get excited to love on yourself for a week!

Be Your Own Valentine