Black Friday, Savings Week!

This year, the savings start early and last all week. enjoy & happy shopping!


Honor the Goddess Bundle Kit

Honor the Goddess Bundle Kit


Get your "Honor the Goddess" Waistbead kit, exclusively created for Black Friday. Each kit includes a custom intentionally designed waistbead, a 4oz Self-Love Herbal Bath Salt, and a 1oz roll-on of one of the iGoddess Collection Goddess Fragrance Body Oils. *Limited Quanities available*


oracle readings

Whether you want to book a 12 or 6 month Forward Vision Reading, or save by purchasing 2 readings for the future, savings are available for you today! *Note, prices for regular readings will be increasing Dec 1st, so don't miss out!


gratitude journal

Gratitudes of a Goddess: 90 days to change your life

250 page journal

guided journal for a 90 day journey of increasing your gratitude and awareness of the amazingness of your life

Gratitudes of a Goddess Journal

Gratitudes of a Goddess Journal


human design reading

Human Design is a system based on i-Ching, Astrology natal charts, the chakra systems, genetic code & more that results in a personalized bodygraph that gives you insight into how you move, act, create, and think in your life. Understanding how to "live your design" gives you access to feeling more aligned and at peace with yourself. You can look up human design on your own, or you can be supported with breaking down your chart & design by me, with a consultation.