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Better Me, Better Us  is a 4- week virtual workshop designed to support women in powerfully choosing to transform their romantic relationshps,  by gaining clarity and taking ownership of how they show operate in relationships.


The basic premise of this workshop is the understanding that we can only control ourselves, and by making new choices about how we love & relate, we will ultimately find more happiness and growth with our partners. Our classroom is a safe space for us to take a look in the mirror while also realizing that we are not alone in our journey to improve our love lives. 

We'll explore how you...

  •  Communicate with your partner

  •  Enjoy Intimacy in your relationship

  •  Create a genuine Connection while dating

  •  Maintain your Identity inside of a partnership

  • Find ways to create your own Joy when in a relationship

  • ...and much more

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"I have been able to communicate my honest feelings and experience my [partner] in a more

honest and authentic way after having a major breakthrough session with Camille...

I got clarity around my trust and controlling issues that were not producing positive results

in my life and relationship(s)..."


the details...


Who is this for?

Women, 21+, who are ready and willing to do their healing work. Women who are willing to make a commitment to themselves for 4 weeks. 


Where does the workshop take place?



When does the workshop begin?

Class begins on Tuesday, May 14th at 8pm EST


How long does the workshop last?

This is a 4 week class, and each class session will last approximately 90 minutes.

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