Meet Goddess Cami


I do my work, so that I can support you in doing your work!

Greetings beautiful Goddess!!

Thank you for stopping by! I'm grateful for your interest and I'd like share a little bit about myself and why I have created this Intentional Goddess platform.

I'm Camille, aka Goddess Cami, aka The Intentional Goddess. I have been a believer in personal development and empowerment for many years now and I especially passionate about empowering women to heal and grow.

An intentional goddess is a woman who takes her healing into her own hands.

That is what I said to my coach and mentor when she asked me who is the intentional goddess. You see, I have come to learn that our healing is our responsibility and no one else's.  We all want to be happy and fulfilled, and at peace in our lives, which can only come from doing our work o heal ourselves. The catch is though, where and when are we taught to do his?  Who is taking that young teenage girl and teaching her what it means to really love and trust herself?  Who is teaching her how to move through her first heartbreak so that she can gain the lessons instead of deepening the wound?  When generations of women don't learn how to heal, the cycle continues. It took me over a decade to learn and understand that the healing starts within, and that it takes practice.  Part of my practice, now gets to be sharing my lessons with women like you.

As I heal myself, I give others permission to heal as well.

My intention is healing, growth empowerment, love, joy, and peace. This is my intention for myself, so that I can be an example a guide, and a teacher of these hings for all the women/goddesses that cross my path.  I have "chosen" this particular path really because I didn't have a choice. (LOL) This is a spirit-led and spirit-guided move for me.  This concept, this name, these products, and services were all shown to my by spirit shortly after completing a spirit walk in October 2018.

I had to let go, and let Spirit.

I had been working on building an entrepreneurship-centered business, but kept feeling the pull in a different direction. For a year,  my heart had been telling me ha I needed o be working with women, helping them transform and heal. For a year,  I tried to add some essence of that to my existing business with little success because in truth, it was not the right space for this vision. During my 5-day spirit walk, I felt more connected to the Universe, Mother Earth, and my ancestors than I ever have.  On my final day, I stood on the beach, feeling the energy of my ancestors, and the pull on my heart, I closed my eyes, and said yes. Yes to their guidance and yes to my new mission and path. In that moment, I released my hold on all the things that weren't serving me  or weren't aligned with my purpose. I asked the Universe to show me the way, and that was the day that the Intentional Goddess was conceived.

"I am not your guru" - Tony Robbins

It is important to me to share that story with you, dear Goddess, because, my strength and my impact can only come from speaking my truth. I am a woman being led by Spirit to support other women to also be led by Spirit.  My goal is not become anyone's guru, or only source of healing and growth. Those are roles fueled by the ego and the hunger for power.  I am here only because I was willing to release my ego and surrender it to the Universe. For me, that is the key to all of this work. From the bracelets and waistbeads, to the coaching, to the weddings, Spirit is in the driver's seat so that true healing can occur.  Are you wiling to do the same?

I look forward to getting to know you, Goddess.

Love & Light,

Goddess Cami