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build, grow, & Love your business...


it's time to do entrepreneurship differently.

Does this sound like you?

  • You have an exciting idea for your business and you want to take action, except you have no idea where to get started.


  • You are struggling to follow through with your business to-do’s because you don’t have the built-in structure and accountability that is usually found at your job or from your boss.


  • You are tired of trying to piece together the incomplete information from all of the freebies and webinars into a plan that you can actually implement.


  • You really just want clear and simple steps to take aligned and purposeful action, now!


I see you & I hear you, sis...

I have absolutely been you!

Hell, sometimes I am still you! (Growth is a constant journey)

When I made the leap to go full-time in my business back in 2016, it was just me, myself, and I trying to figure it out. I registered for webinar after webinar, from this marketing coach, that social media specialist, and the other random Periscoper (yeah, remember that) with an official sounding title. I had all of the eBooks, masterclass recordings, and was enrolled in at least 3 different courses.

At the end of the day, I was still stuck, confused, and frankly staying busy doing a whole lot of nothing. I didn’t have anything close to the business I had imagined for myself and knew was available to me. Frankly, I was completely out of alignment and filled with so much self-doubt that I couldn’t have attracted a mosquito in the middle of a swamp in the summer, much less a paying customer. 

Something had to change. ASAP

I started over, this time building with the intention of creating a solid foundation for a business that only feels amazing to me. I focused on the impact that I wanted to have and how I wanted to create it. I developed offerings that served me just as much as they served my clients, I connected to my heart, and most importantly I allowed Spirit to be my guide. 

I intentionally slowed down on taking all-of-the-courses & webinars, and instead created actual Get Sh*t Done strategies to apply some of what I already knew from my MBA and some of what I had been learning. The result: I now have a business that I am 100% obsessed with because I get to do and talk about the things that I love! I get to support women just like you by incorporating personal growth & development, business strategy, and spirituality into a system that allows them to build businesses that are authentically aligned with their personal values and goals. 

​Which is why I re-designed, and am now relaunching my course...


five weeks to freedom

create an aligned business that you absolutely just 5 weeks
#5W2F is a course I first created and taught in 2017 that is designed specifically for new solopreneurs with the intention of simplifying the basics of starting a business. I playfully call it a mini-MBA course because of the breadth of information covered. I have updated the course for this relaunch, with more current tools and information, but also to include more of my personal tools for success, mindset, peace of mind, and connection with Spirit.

wait wait wait, I hear what you're thinking... "oh another course... great!"

and my answer is, yes... but also NO!




Live Classes = Accountability

Unlike a self-paced course that’s easy to blow off or forget about, our live classes mean that both me & your fellow freedom-creators waiting to see you each week.

Building Blocks = Solid Foundation

Growing a business is simply repeating and expanding on the basics. The more that you master these, the easier and more stable your growth will be.

Everything in One Place = Easy Flow & Implementation

Instead of trying to pull pieces and parts from 5 different puzzles together, the info you need is all in one place and fits easily together, making applying it to your business that much simpler.

here's what you'll learn...

course breakdown

Module/Week 1 - Mindset of an Entrepreneur 

preparing yourself mentally, emotionally, & environmentally for your new journey

Module/Week 2 - Product - Pricing - Goals

designing a product that works for you, is profitable, and aligns with your goals

Module/Week 3- Branding - Marketing - Nicheing

creating and applying a brand esthetic, identifying who you can serve the best, and gain their attention

Module/Week 4 - Fulfillment & Client Experience

outlining and implementing an amazing client experience, managing your customers, and creating systems for consistency

Module/Week 5 -  Open for Business

launching your new business and maintaining your momentum after your launch

course structure

Live Classes weekly

Classes will be done LIVE in Zoom and recorded. You will have access to the recordings after each class.

Accountability Partners

I am committed to making sure that you don't have to do this alone. Your accountability partner provides you with that extra layer of accountability to help you stay motivated and keep up.

Private Telegram group for Support & Community through the week

As you do your work throughout the week, this is our space for you to ask any questions or receive feedback immediately. get to be here

Our next LIVE class begins December 6th. Spaces are limited, grab your seat today!

“[Five Weeks to Freedom] allowed me to rebuild and restructure my businesses from a foundational level... I have really transformed the most in my confidence about what I'm doing and why. As well as being able to share these things with others.”

-Nia J

this is for you if...

You're running a new(ish) business that is making between $0 and $5k per month.

You're ready to take action and want to have a plan or strategy to follow.

You have a high-level idea of what you need to do, but have gaps that you could use support to fill in.

You are tired of trying to figure out this business thing on your own.

You understand that entrepreneurship is about more than just making money, and you want to feel great about every single dollar you earn.

You are ready and willing to make both a time and financial investment into your dreams for 5 weeks, no excuses!

"I want to thank you so much for all that you poured into me during the business course I took with you. I didn't realize how much I had learned until I had to submit my information [to my brand story consultant]. All the notes and questions...were so helpful [and thorough]. I owe that all to you!"

Khadija A.

so, why is #5W2F a better choice?

It's time for you to stop getting lost while trying to piece together a plan from 4 ebooks, 2 masterclasses, 1 unfinished course, and a webinar. You have better things to do with your time... like serve others and earn money!

You get to start where you actually are, not where the 1,000 other students at varying levels of business also taking the same self-paced course along with you are.

You need a solid foundation for your business to grow from, and this is where you can build it. Information, Strategy, and the Tools to implement.

so, here's what's included in your enrollment...

  • 5-week/5 module LIVE course

  • Weekly Workbooks to walk you through each module

  • Private Virtual Community

  • Private Access to Me for Personalized Coaching

  • Accountability Partners

  • additional access to recordings & curriculum after the class*

- plus these re-launch bonuses -

  • Digital Copy of the #EntrepreneurLife Planner

  • Affirmations for Entrepreneurs Bundle

  • 3 Question Divine Business Guidance Quick Draw Reading

  • Intro to Human Design Class

that's over $2,000 of value

and here's your enrollment investment....